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Does your family want a partner for the entire search and application process?

This package is the most popular and includes expertise for every step along the way.  Aptitude testing and interviews will help us identify the type of school that is a good fit academically, socially, and financially.  Together, we will build a list of schools tailored just for you – with some schools that might be on your radar and some that might surprise you!  Through my software program, we will collaborate on lists and share notes and thoughts about specific schools.  We will also assess the affordability of your options.  I will help you plan your testing schedule and preparation as well as advise you on high school course selection, extracurricular options, and summer programs.  Together, we will make a plan for campus visits and make sure you are seeing what you need to see and are fully prepared for each visit.  I will coach you through crafting your best college essay and through any supplemental and scholarship essays as well.  We will create a personalized timeline to take the stress out of wondering when and how to complete each step of the process.  Finally, I will support you in your decision making process, helping you review and evaluate all of your options.

Services include:​

  • Personalized college application timeline and coaching through each section

  • Review of Academic Record

  • AchieveWorks suite of aptitude and career assessments

  • Advice on High School course selection

  • SAT/ACT review and recommendations

  • In-depth interviews with student and parents to find the type of schools that meet academic, social, and financial needs

  • Extensive individualized college search/research process to build a "best fit" college list for you

  • College visit prep and advice

  • Essay coaching from topic selection through final editing

  • Activity List and Resume editing

  • Application review

  • Supplemental and scholarship essay coaching

  • Advice for success in college

  • Email to parent and student after each meeting summarizing progress and homework

Comprehensive Package: Services
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